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 Phạm Hùng Manh,Ph.D


Trương Thị Hiền, Ph.D




   The Faculty of Education is one of four faculties formed since Tay Nguyen University's founding (in 1977). It has eight lecturers. During its first two years of operation, the Faculty enrolled in two majors: Mathematics and Social Science Pedagogy. However, all students were moved to Ho Chi Minh City University of Education for further education.

   In 1979, the Faculty of Education admitted 100 students for the third course in two majors: Mathematics Pedagogy and Philology Pedagogy. In July 1982, the Ministry of Tertiary and Professional Secondary Education delegated the Faculty's pedagogical training duties to Da Lat University. As a result, in September 1982, more than half of the Faculty of Education's staff and 300 pedagogical students moved to Da Lat University.

   From August 1982 to May 1996, the Faculty of Education taught general science modules. It was renamed the Department of Basic Sciences and later the Faculty of Basic Sciences.

   In June 1996, the Ministry of Education and Training decided to reestablish the Faculty of Education by awarding bachelor's degrees in pedagogy in Mathematics and Informatics, Philology Pedagogy, and English Pedagogy. In July 1997, the Faculty of Education was tasked with educating two new majors: Biology Pedagogy—agricultural Technology and Primary Education.

   Tay Nguyen University divided the Faculty of Education into two faculties, Education and Foreign Languages, in January 2007. In January 2009, the Faculty of Education was split into two faculties: Natural Sciences & Technology and Pedagogy.

   In 2016, the Faculty of Education was charged with offering postgraduate Linguistics courses.

  As of March 2024, the Faculty of Education employed 46 teaching faculty members and invited 11 lecturers from various departments, school centers, and professional organizations.

  In the academic year 2023-2024, the Faculty of Education offers a graduate Linguistics program and six undergraduate majors: Language Arts Pedagogy, Bachelor of Arts, Primary Education, J'rai Primary Education, Physical Education, and Early Childhood Education. Furthermore, the Faculty of Education is responsible for teaching general modules for various training sectors and strengthening pedagogical abilities throughout the institution.