Phone number: 02623.852292

Nguyễn Tuấn Hùng
Ph.D Head

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Vân
M.A Deputy Head

1. Introduction: The Department was established parallel to the foundation of the university (November 11, 1977)

2. The staff: The department's staff consists of 24 members: administrative employees (including 04 drivers) and 14 security employees.

3. Function and responsibilities:

- The Department of Administrative and General Affairs acts as counselor for the Rector on administration of the school; coordinates the general implementation of the plans and programs of other departments and faculties; directly conveys announcements and decisions of the university leaders to all units and individuals...

- The Department is responsible for collecting reports of all departments and faculties for monthly meetings, setting up weekly agendas; collecting and classifying information to prepare periodical and unscheduled reports on the implementation of tasks for approval from the university's leaders and concerned organizations; preparing reports upon request of the Rector.

- The department of administrative and general affairs is responsible for the administration of archives and reception.