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Trần Thiên Khôi
M.A. Deputy Head

Phạm Văn Thành
M.A. Head

Phạm Quốc Duy
M.A. Deputy Head

1. Introduction

The Department of Facility Administration was founded under the Decision 655/QD-TCCB dated April 21, 2003 by the rector of Tay Nguyen University

2. The staff: The department's staff consists of 18 members including 01 Head, 02 Deputy Head, 05 officials, and 10 employees.

3. Function and responsibilities:

- Function: the department acts as counselor for the rector on the management and use of facilities repair of the university's public constructions, purchase of equipment, and monitoring the efficient use of the university's properties for teaching, learning, scientific research, and other activities.

- Responsibility: the department is responsible for setting up plans for construction, repair and equipment serving the management, teaching and learning, and other activities such as setting up plans for investment projects; designing, constructing, supervising, checking and handing over construction work and equipment conforming to the current regulations.