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Võ Văn Thành
B.A. Deputy Head

Lê Thế Phiệt
Ph.D. Head

Nguyễn Thị Nhâm Tý
B.A. Deputy Head

1. Introduction

The Department of Planning and Finance was established in parallel with the foundation of the University (November 11, 1977)

2. The staff: The department's staff currently consists of 13 members, including 01 Head, 01 Deputy Heads and 11 officials

3. Function and responsibilities:

- Function: The department acts as counselor for the rector on the university's planning and finance matter. The department's operation is under the professional direction of the superior financial authorities and under the rector's direct guidelines on finance and accounting which include financial management and budget distribution, supervision of financial use, payment and account balancing in accordance with the regulations on the state's financial management.

- Responsibilities: The Department of Planning - Finance is responsible for 3 fundamental tasks including setting up plans and managing the use of the budget, supervising the university's incomes and expenditure, paying salaries and granting scholarships.