Phone number: 02623.825191


Huỳnh Văn Quốc
M.A. Head


1. Introduction

The Department of Assessment and Educational Quality Assurance was established under the decision 266/QD-DHTN-TCCB dated March 16, 2011.

2. The staff:  Up to July 2012 the total number of the department’s staff was 7 including 01 Head, 01 Deputy Head, and 05 employees (03 of the staff member holds MA degrees).

3. Function and responsibilities: The department is responsible for:

- Setting up the university's examination schedules based on the approved plans.

- Receiving, preserving and making copies of the examinations in accordance with the regulations and security regime.

- Performing tasks relating to examination organization which include preparing the list of students' name corresponding to rooms, making photocopies of examinations, assigning proctors, delivering and receiving test papers before and after they are marked, uploading marks on the website and providing transcripts for concerned parties.

- Preserving documents relating to examination tasks in accordance with regulations.

- Providing support for such examinations as entrance exams, final exams, recruitment exams,etc.

- Recommending measures to improve testing and assessment, which will help enhance training quality.

- Frequently performing auditing tasks on the university's educational quality control.