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Ngô Thị Hiếu
Ph.D. Head

M.A Deputy Head

1. Introduction

The Personnel Department was established in parallel with the foundation of the university (November 11, 1977)

2. The staff: Until July 2012 the Personnel Department's staff consisted of 8 members including 01 Head, 01 Deputy Head and 04 officials.

3. Function and responsibilities:

- The Personnel Department acts as counselor for the Party Committee and the university's Managing Board on the organization of the management system and staff, safeguarding internal politics, and the implementation of the university's policies and regulations relating to the staff.

- The Department is responsible for recommending and organizing the university's system, setting up regulations; implementing annual salary increases and modifications, organizing examinations for the staff to shift and/or upgrade their salary scales in accordance with the current regulations; setting up plans for recruitment, staff management training; preparing documents and formal procedures  for shifting  employment, resignations, retirement and leave.