Phone number: 02623.825487


Phạm Văn Thuận
M.A. Director

1. Introduction

The Information Center was established on January 18, 2007 under the Decision 61/QD-TCCB on the basis of separating from the Center of Documentary Information - Library of Tay Nguyen University

2. Total number of staff: 04 members

3. Function and responsibilitiesThe Center takes responsibility for

- Assisting the Rector in managing, exchanging and publicizing external and internal information contributing to management tasks, training and scientific research;

- Collecting, exchanging, managing and publicizing internal and external information in accordance with the regulations of the university and the law

- Managing and providing access to electronic information, documents and materials concerning professional aspects; 

- Managing and maintaining the Internet connection and the university's local network.

- Managing and updating information for the university's website

- Managing and effectively making use of the multimedia conference room serving teaching and learning activities and providing guidance for students to register for courses.