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1. Introduction

The department of postgraduate education was established pursuant to the decision number 61/TCCB-DHTN dated the 18th of January 2007.

2. The staff: The department's staff includes 04 people, 01 head, 01 deputy head and 02 official.

3. Function and responsibilities:

- Function: The department of postgraduate education acts as a counselor for the Rector on the management and organization of postgraduate education and takes responsibility for the full management of all activities in master and level I specialized doctor education.

- Responsibilities: The department's responsibilities include setting up plan and enrollment targets for postgraduate education; suggesting the opening of postgraduate programs if eligible; managing training programs and  organizing training in accordance with the regulations of postgraduate education of the Ministry of Education and Training; submitting reports to the Ministry of Education and Training on the decisions relating to admission and graduation of students, degree granting and on the issues relating to postgraduate education; cooperating with domestic and foreign institutions in postgraduate education and training;...