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Tay Nguyen University (TNU) was founded on November 11th, 1977 under Vietnamese Government's decision No.298/CP with missions:
- Training highly professional human resources of Science and Technology in many fields such as Medicine and Pharmacy, Education, Forestry – Agriculture, Economics, Social Humanity, Technology, etc.;
- Researching and technology transferring to meet requirements of socio-economical development of Vietnam in general and Vietnam's Central Highlands in particular;
- Reserving and promoting indigenous Tay Nguyen ethnic minorities' cultures.

RECTOR:   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tan Vui
Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Tran Quang Han
Dr. Tran Trung Dung
 Dr. Y Trou Alio



- Personnel Department
- Department of Undergraduate
- Department of Graduate
- Department of Science and International Relations
- Department of Planning and Finance
- Department of Politics and Students Issues
- Department of General Administration
- Department of Facility Management
- Department of Inspection
- Department of Examination and Education Quality Assurance
- Management board of Construction Project


Since 2003, TNU has implemented 02 nation projects,   02 basic research projects, 06 major ministry projects, 74 ministry projects, 22 provincial projects, 464 university projects, and 120 students' projects. TNU has implemented 28 international projects.
Currently, TNU has scientific research and academic corporation with international universities such as Champasak University (Laos); Chiang Mai University (Thailand); Chonnam National University, Sunchon University and Ajou University (Korea); Chi Ba University, Kyoto University and Niigata University (Japan) and Tam Kang University (Taiwan).



- Faculty of Pedagogy
- Faculty of Foreign languages
- Faculty of Medicines and Pharmacy
- Faculty of Forestry Agriculture
- Faculty of Animal and Veterinary Science
- Faculty of Economics
- Faculty of Natural Science and Technology
- Faculty of Politic Science
- Faculty of Pre-University Training
- Institute of Biotechnology and Environment


- Centre of Information
- Library
- Center of Students's Services
- Office of Ethnic minority affair
- Center of Educational National Defense of Tay Nguyen
- Center of Foreign languages and Information
- Center of Supplementary education and Occupation training
- The hospital of Tay Nguyen University
- Practical High School of Central Highlands



Currently, TNU offers training in 39 university programs, 08 college programs, 06 college-university interlinking programs and pre-university program.
* Under-graduate programs
- Bachelor degree in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Vietnamese Literature, Primary Education, J'rai language primary education, Preschool education, Physical education, Political education, Philosophy.
- Information Technology, Environmental Technology, Biotechnology, Post-harvest Technology.
-Crop Science, Silviculture, Forest Resources and Environment Management, Land Management, Plant Protection.
- Animal Science, Veterinary Science
- Agricultural economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Finance and Banking, Trade and Business Management, Trade Law.
- General medical doctors and Sanatorium.
* College training programs and College - university interlinking programs
Business Administration, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Animal Science, Crop Science, Silviculture, Forest Resources and Environment Management, Land Management.
- Pre-university training programs for ethnic minorities
-The total number of students in the school year of 2013 - 2014 is about 20.000.



Master programs:
Crop Science, Veterinary Science, Animal Science, Forestry, Experimental Biology, Parasitology – Entomology, General internal medicine, General surgery, Mathematical analysis and copperation with 8 other Universities for training 30 Master programs
Doctoral programs: Crop Science and Forestry.


After 37 years of establishment and development. TNU has trained over 24.500 students, including more than 2000 ethnic minority students. TNU has also trained over 400 master students in Forestry – Agriculture, Biology, Veterinary Science and Parasitology – Entomology, 120 students in General internal medicine and General surgery. Beside, TNU has also cooperated with 8 other universities in Vietnam to conduct training over 1000 master students in Forestry – Agriculture, Medicine, Linguistics, Pedagogy, English, Economics, Information Technology and Education Management. Since 2008-2009, TNU began to train students from the Lao People's Democratic Republic and Cambodia.


At present, TNU has total 750 staffs, including 400 women, 488 lectures; 01 Professor, 10 Associate Professors, 46 Doctors, 245 Masters and 22 First degree of medical specialized Doctors, 105 senior lectures.


TNU was awarded the third-class independent medal, the first, second and third class labor medals by the President of Vietnam.

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